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What is FISE Apparel?

This is a nod to the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) which was created in 1997 in France in Montpellier. It’s also where it all started. At the time, some T-shirts branded with "FISE" sold like hotcakes at the event. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate and develop and has become a true Street Wear brand.

Today FISE Apparel shares its values ​​in Action Sports by taking care to create clothes in its image with basic quality and cool models.

From this universe was born in 2015 a first collection of FISE “event” T-shirt, star product of the brand for a relaxed style.

From season to season FISE Apparel expands its offer and now offers complete looks. “More Than Sports.” is the message the brand offers through its clothes, and puts a lifestyle and a state of mind within reach of everyone.

Collaborations are made with certain athletes (riders) like Alex Jumelin (BMX Flatland) in order to offer exclusive and unique collections.

New, more typical Sports Wear looks are discreetly identified with the "S" and stand out for their innovative technical features. Riders test them daily during their training and share their opinions to always be at the forefront and bring you everything you need to excel and have fun with style and personality!

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